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Jean Pierre Visits Canadian Lilies
Thank you for taking such good care ...
Thank you for all of your great care that you provided for our daughter Tori before and after school hours, during some holiday time and teacher professional days. Tori enjoyed coming to your daycare and enjoyed being with the other children. It was a great help to me to have Tori taken to school and picked up from school and especially knowing that she was safe.Thank you also for helping Tori with some homework involving reading and arithmetic. I really enjoyed the special cards and artwork that Tori brought home for me. I also appreciated that you made her birthday special. Thank you again for taking such good care of our daughter.
Barbara and Paul


What a lovely picnic ...

 Thank You for having us join for such a lovely picnic last week end. We had a fabilous time, and the food was incredible. It was so kind of you to include us.

Love ... Daisy & Kristin


Thank You Canadian Lilies ...
Thank you for taking such a good care of Bryn. Because of you she has learned so much and has turned into a wonderful artist. Bryn talks about you everyday.  With much love & gratitude
Brooke turner


An amazing Caregiver ...

I cannot imagine Sabine being left in the care of anyone else for the last two years. Words cannot express how much thanks and praise I have for you in helping us raise Sabine to become the bright and happy girl she has become. I know you think of her as being a part of your family and we are so very, very fortunate for that. You are an amazing caregiver and I value all of the wisdom you have shared with me. I know Sabine will cherish the time she has spent with you for the rest of her life and will remember  “Nanu” always.

Renee & Andrew

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  Please See our GOOD rating on Vancouver Sun's Metro Vancouver's Day Care Ratings !!!
Why do I need a licensed Day Care? PDF E-mail
Licensed child-care programs are required to meet guidelines under the Child Care Licensing Regulations of British Columbia and must comply with regulations regarding staff qualifications, first aid certification, staff-to-child ratios, criminal record checks, program activities, space and equipment, and various nutrition, discipline and emergency procedures. Licensed day cares are visited by inspectors from time to time to check that all the regulations are met. Canadian Lilies Day Care fall under Licensed day care facility.
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CANADIAN LILIES DAY CARE is a Family Licensed Day care. We are Government Certified day care. Children up to 12 are welcome. Parents paying cash or through Govt. subsidy both are welcome. Drop off and pickup from Taylor Park Elementary schools is also offered. We are located on Imperial St. near Canada Way.
We run 5 days a week with Flexible hours. 
We have the following vacancies:

..... DAY CARE CLOSING FROM JUNE 30th 2017 .....

 Wish to keep your child's name on waiting list? Please download  wait list form from from our website at Downloads/forms. Fill in the info and send us by e-mail at  This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

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